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Mini cruises for different rivers of the World

Not all the people can be given the luxury of go in a cruise for several weeks by the seas of South, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, but for those that want to spend some romantic days crossing big rivers, they can choose among a variety of Mini cruises in Brazil, Egypt, Portugal, Germany, Austria or Russia.

The move for most of the rivers is so soft that nobody suffers sickness, so you won't have to worry. The Nile, The Rhine, Mosela, Amazons, Volga or Tajo, are some of the rivers that allow their sailing for few days (If you don't have a lot of time, an only one day cruise will be well), in perfectly conditioned ships with all the comforts.

Options to choose
In Brazil, the Amazons go into in the deep of the forest. Coming from Peru, this impressive work of the nature ends in the Atlantic and its journey allows to live mini cruises from 2 to 5 nights, in full nature.
The routes part of "Manaus", the local ships have all the comforts to enjoy the voyage that travels places no-visited and that only allow their entrance through canoes or ships directed toward the forest's Heart.

During the trips in mini cruise, are carried out activities like walks for the forest or whole days of fishing that brings big surprises, because the ships are able to consent to remote areas in search of the "Tucunaré", a fish of the Amazons, one of those most acrobatic of the world.

According to the duration of the trip, also exists the possibility of navigating for the "Black river" that unites its flow to the "muddy Amazons", what causes a great variety of colors in the water, is a Amazing show because these waters don't mix due to the variety of densities and temperature.
In this same route, you can visit the "Anivilhanas", the biggest archipelago in fresh water of the world; besides the "Lake Acajatuba", The "ecological Park of Juanuari", "Big Praia" or "Novo Airao."

The Nile
Mention this river located in Egypt, it means to evoke many movies that have been made based on him, but now you will be able to live him and to remember this beautiful experience.
To go to Egypt and not to go until "Luxor", leaving the behind "it Fences of the Reyes", is to refuse an ideal space to understand the Pharaonic culture and their greatness.
The evenings are charming, as well as the dawns. This is one of the most habitual journeys, but you doesn't stop to be fascinating to admire the "Karnac temple ", or "Elfu" or "Kom Ombo."

High Duero
In Portugal, the sailing for their two big rivers (Tajo and Duero) is special, the river "Duero" travels approximately 900 Km until arriving to the "Oporto" city. In the cruise you will realize that their surroundings are full with fertile lands in those that grow the fruits that give flavor to the best wines in the Iberian peninsula, those of the "Riverside of the Duero". The "High Duero" was named Patrimony of the Humanity in 2001 in the "Natural Landscape" category, this vineyard has 40.000 hectares in the protected area.

The valley of this river has developed a culture of vineyards from the time of Romans, at the moment exist numerous cellars in the thousands of Km of arable land. The most interesting are the fifth Portuguese that already added more of 200 in the XVIII century and of which are still 100, some been modernized and transformed into exclusive places for tourism.

The medieval inheritance of the area transmits it the castles that remember the strategic importance that had the river in ohter times. According to the cruise that you choose, you can visit:
- Quinta Castelo of Paiva
- Regua
- Presa Carrapatelo
- Moseteiro of Alpendurada
- Lever
- Presa of Crestuma
- Estalagen of Old Oporto
- Pinhao
- Oporto
- They can also visit one another cellars in "Vilanova of Gaia" and some vineyards in the riverside of the Duero.

The Rhine
The German company "KD Fleet" offers a variety of ships to enjoy the landscapes that are come from the bank of the "Rhine" and "Mosela" rivers. Big, small, avant-garde, elegant and welcoming… for travelers with different likes and with desires of living an adventure of one day, although other companies offer a great journey for the near cities to the river.

A night walk in ship allows to know the cities of "Colony" and "Düsseldorf" in the light of the brilliant moon, at the same time that you can share a delicious dinner with dance. From "Düsseldorf", until "Mainz", the river is navigable and its possibilities are very varied.
The Rhine valley, traveling the cities of "Rudesheim" and "St. Goarshausen", offers landscapes full with history and of color like the "Crag of Loreley." In the means of the Rhine you can consent to the populations of "Koblezn" and "Bingen."

The Danube and the Volga
The Volga is the longest river in Europe that runs for the Russian federation, from Moscow until "San Petersburgo" you can traffic crossing the calls " Czars Channels" and to contemplate in its magnitude the impressive one "lake Onega", the second bigger lake of the world.
The trip lasts 12 days, until arriving to one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, traveled by dozens of channels: "San Petersburgo."

The first recommended stop of the cruise, after Moscow, is the city of "Ulgich", to which you arrives navigating for the river "Moskva" that then will give to the river "Volga." The city was founded in the X century and was very important during the famous Czar's command, "Ivan el Terrible."

By Austria, the river "Danube" travels majestically and goes being noticed the beauty of the landscapes. Vienna, Durasteis, Melk and Krems are some of the cities that can be discovered and to know in one of their routes. Another option is go from Vienna to Bratislava (in Slovakia) and then to Budapest (in Hungary).

Avianca have
Year: December of 2005
Title: Minicruceros for the legendary rivers
Author: Immaculate Wall

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