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Also remember to visit the section that contains the advice for traveling toward any country and the most important requirements to have a good vacations. Also what you should keep in mind to rent a car and the most complete tour.

A tour for our site

This page is dedicated to give a tour for the most attractive places in the world, those places where you can take advantage to the maximum the trip that you have been waiting for a lot of time, including the hotels where you can stay and other things.

We will be teach you how take advantage of their money in the hotels, bars, economic and pleasant trips; looking for the most relaxing tour, as the holanda gardens, a visit for the japˇn temples; and a tour for the most exotic and extreme place, as The European mountains.

Tours in trains, Tours in yachts, countries, regions, cities, towns and very much thingsů they are our objective.

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Know the best Hotels, Tourist Places, festivals and places of rest in Germany Tourist information of Germany Capital: Berlin Currency: The euro. Geography: In size, this is the fourth country inside the U.E. (349.223 Km²). the forest high lands are located In the center of the country and to the Southwest is located the Black Forest. Climate: It is located in a modera...
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Useful Advices for any trip

Useful advices for any trip Welcome to, in this section we offer you some "Tips" very useful if you will travel to Europe, or perhaps to a tropical country, or also small helps to overcome the fear to "the airplanes"... in this page are many sections and that will surely inform it and solve him many doubts. Advices in Automobile renting Do you...
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Travel advices when in land traveling

The Baggage * The backpack should be light, and it is not a recommendation; it is an order. You must have a compartment to extract with easiness the sleeping bag or the mat, and auxiliary pockets for the change clothes and another part with your hygienic utensils. If go to climb, the boots can go hanging on the lateral pockets of the backpack. * Take the indispensable things: a pair o...
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Travel: Advices when you rent a car

How to rent an automobile for my tour 1. The biggest atractiveness of an automobile trip resides in the great movement that allows to the traveler, the first step to enter to the driver's world it is to obtain the license or international pass. To rent a car it is obligatory to have license with a superior validity to the 6 months and card of international credit. 2. In North Am...
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Travel: How to handle the fear to fly

Fear to fly: Phobia to Planes. If you have many desires to travel, you have all the documents, your suitcases ready and your perfect plans, but the single fact of thinking that you will ascend to an airplane causes to yourself the principles of a panic attack… dont worry, because you are one of the thousands that suffer of this fear, and you fortunately can overcome to this and a...
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Travel: Advice on tropical places

Advices when traveling to a tropical place Use slight and waterproof bags for your trip packages. Try to take slight clothes but of good quality, for example: made of nylon. This is important especially in tropical climates. Also, it is more convenient because they dry off quicker. Take your hair´s gel in a small bag of plastic, to save space and not to have to take you the...
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Africa, Urban and Wild

Sudáfrica: Savage, impressive and exotic Basic data *** Population: 41 million inhabitants, of which 75% is black race, 13% is white, 8% mestizos and 3% are Indian. *** Currency: The Rand *** Language: 11 official languages exist - Afrikaan - English - Xosha - Isizulú - Sesotho - Isindebele - Salebowa - Siswati - Xitsonga - Setswana - Tshivenda * * * Necessary d...
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Mini - Cruices

Mini cruises for different rivers of the World Not all the people can be given the luxury of go in a cruise for several weeks by the seas of South, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, but for those that want to spend some romantic days crossing big rivers, they can choose among a variety of Mini cruises in Brazil, Egypt, Portugal, Germany, Austria or Russia. The move for most of the rive...
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Australia, The "Incognito Terra" Main data of all Australia Australia, Basic informationHistory of Australia Hotels for your pleasure Hotel Hyatt CanberraHotel Saville Park SuitesHotel Novotel CanberraHotel Rydges Lakeside Travel for the mostimportant citiesCanberra, The capital Tour for the natural Parksand Monuments Other informative dataof Australia Activities in ...
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Hotel Hyatt Canberra In Australia

Hotel Hyatt Canberra The hotel is in front of the Lake "Burley Griffin", to few minutes in car of the "House of Parliament." The Hotel is also to 1 km of the center, 10 kms to the nearest airport (canberra), 5 km to the nearest station (canberra railway station), 1 minute (walking) until the nearest bus stop, 12 km until the "Park Ferial" nearer (EPIC). Hotel S...
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Hotel Saville Park Suites

Hotel Saville Park Suites The hotel is in the marine walk, with a view to the "darwin port" and the "Sea Arafura." It is adjacent to the "Transit" center and near to downtown. The hotel is also to 15 km to the nearest airport (darwin), 1 km to the nearer Park Ferial (entertainment center). It is a 8 floors building, Beige color, has many balconies and a Big lobby, h...
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Hotel Rydges Lakeside

Hotel Rydges Lakeside    It is a hotel located in downtown, to the banks of the Lake Burley Griffin, to few minutes (walking) of the C.B.D. and the main commercial center of Canberra. This is to 5 kms to the nearest airport (canberra), 8 km to the nearest station (canberra station), 2 minutes walking until the nearest bus stop           Services of the Hotel...
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Hotel Novotel Canberra

Hotel Novotel Canberra Description This hotel offers excellent lodging, good services and facilities and a pleasant atmosphere. It is a building of 5 plants of modern design, inaugurated at the beginning of the year 2000. It is in one of the best areas in Canberra, near the center central financial and a business district, to 8 km of the airport. It is to some minutes (walking) of the best res...
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Canberra, Capital of Australia

Canberra, the capital      A recent study about the perception of the Australians about their capital, Canberra, affirmed that interviewed people mentioned political matters and the Parliament. However, the study tried to demonstrate that the perception of the city changed after making a tour for it.      Canberra can show so much of places of cultural interest and na...
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Information about all Australia

A tour for the best Hotels, Tourist Places and places of rest of Australia. Tourist information of the "distant Australia" Capital: Canberra Currency: Australian dollar Geography: Australia is the sixth bigger country of the world (it has 7.741 220 km2 of surface), and it is the only one that occupies the island-continent of the same name. It also includes the islan...
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Australia History

History The first groups of people that inhabited Australia (approximately 50.000 years ago) arrived from the southeast of Asia, but it cannot be defined accurately if they conformed a homogeneous racial group in the moment of their arrival. These called towns "aboriginal" for the Europeans, developed more than 260 languages, but they had common features, as being recolector...
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Information of the Republic of Argentina, know and learn everything about this beautiful country Basic tourist guide of Argentina Basic information of Argentina History of Argentina Travel for the best areas in Argentina Lodge in the best HotelsVisit the museums of the country Go into the nature of this Country "Cabo de Hornos" Reserve and it's importance Lakes in Argenti...
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Argentinean Culture: Tango

The Tradition of Argentina: The Tango      "The tango is not only a form of Argentinean's life, is also the most seductive dance in the world."    A woman (with shoes of needle heel and an elegant black dress) arches the back and with her leg surrounds his couple's waist, and the man… he stays erect, pressing her back firmly with the right hand, at...
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Tour for all the Patagonia

Basic Guide for a tour for the Patagonia 1. In what time is better to go?: Is possible to go in any time of the year, but do you remember that this place wouldn't be good if you don't support tolerate the cold (in winter, the place reach the -2°C), but if you want to travel you can make in the short summers that there is in this region, with temperatures up to 35°C. Sometimos,...
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Tour for all the Patagonia (3)

More about The Patagonia, place of exotic landscapes The sailing In the Patagonia have been different groups of hunters like: " Anoikenk" and "Selk' nam", they are nomadic hunters that lived of the capture of gumps and ñandúes, besides the trade of skins and feathers. Those also appear "Yamanas" and "Kaweshkar", they were noma...
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a woman's story about her travel to the patagonia

Stories on the Southern PatagoniaAuthor: Estela Saez, Madrid-Spain (42 years)  What gets the attention to visit Ushuaia? I think that is the sensation of being in the most distant point, motivates us to travel so many kilometers toward the south. Among the improvised sentences there was one written in a napkin of a bar that said: "Enjoy, you are in the end of the world."  When ...
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Gastronomy of Argentina

The varied Argentinean Gastronomy    The bovine meat is for excellence, the alimentary base of the Argentineans. The roasted one (the parilla) is the most typical form of preparation, and it constitutes a true ritual when the family and friends meet the weekends. Besides the bifes, the people usually eat sausage, kidneys, gizzard and "chinchulines": the famous mixed parillada. ...
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Tour for all the Patagonia (2)

More information of Patagonia The central Patagonia gathers lakes and Turquoise color lagoons, mighty and crystalline rivers, green forests in spring and summer that then become an entire orange forest in autumn. You will also be able to observe mountains full of trees and a glacier in their summit, where arise beautiful and big cascades. In the more northern región you can observe th...
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Argentinean Coasts

Argentina coasts: Data for the trip 1. "Mar de Plata" and "Pinamar": They are the two more famous "Baths" of the long Altlántic Coast, but exist others that also are worthwhile to mention: - Santa Clara del Mar - Green Waters - Miramar - San Bernardo - The Toninas - Valeria del Mar - Caliro - Villa Gesell 2. The Baths Chai...
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Argentinean Coasts (2)

More information on the Argentina Coast 11. Eating Time: The restaurants travel the most refined menu of likes and specialties. The typical plates, as the Argentinean barbecues and the international plates, supplement the day and the night in this place. 12. The Argentinean "Biarritz": This is another name for the "Mar de Plata", In the "Bristol" Hotel, ...
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