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How can I participate in the forum?

To publish messages in the discussion forum is necessary to be registered (you can register HERE), if you already registered or you are an old member of our site, you should only enter to the forum, choose a topic of your preference and select "new topic" located in the superior part.

How do I know that the people responded my message in the forum?

In the preferences of the forum there is a selection where you authorize or doesn't authorize the arrival of the messages responded directly to your mail, if you chose "NO", then you should enter to the forum and revise the messages periodically; but if chose "YES", these messages go immediately in the mail which your registered

How to be a member of viajes-exoticos?

If you inscribed already, you have the benefit of being a member and active participant when you want it; but if you aren't a member, go to the button "register", then enter their personal data and ...ready!

How to look for an economic hotel?

In each country you found the different hotels that exist, from there you can look for those, the luxurious hotel or economics hotels, according to the services offered, what places are near or what comforts have the rooms. All this information are it each hotel, just you should go to the country that you wants to travel and will find it.

How can I look for other traveler's opinions?

At the moment, many of our sections don't still have their own stories or opinions, but if you want to looking for it, then you must go to the name of the country you wants to know, in the main page will have many links toward different places. Just you should look for some link that says: "Relate of... " or "opinion about... " or similar...

What does it happen if I want to enter to a section but the page doesn't exist?

The first thing that you should make is to contact us (you can do it HERE) by our electronic mail and advise us of the flaw that you found. We will thank you and we will solve the inconvenience soon possible.

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