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Know the best Hotels, Tourist Places, festivals and places of rest in Germany

Tourist information of Germany

Capital: Berlin

Currency: The euro.

Geography: In size, this is the fourth country inside the U.E. (349.223 Km²). the forest high lands are located In the center of the country and to the Southwest is located the Black Forest.

Climate: It is located in a moderate climatic area, with a temperature of 9 ºC, aproximately. It would be recommended to travel in summer

Curious dates: Germany is the country with more density of roads for cars.

Language: The official language of Germany is the "High German". This language was in other time the frank language of central Europe.

Festivals: The bigger festival of Germany (and of all Europe) it is the "Oktoberfest", in Munich. It is celebrated annually, from final of September until first Sunday of October... if you will travel in this time, you shouldn't get lost it.
The National party is in October 3, Day of the German Unit.

Cities to travel: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Colony, or a pleasant tour for Dresden.

Eat: It is possible to see from coffee and marmalade in the breakfasts, until big meat portions with potatoes in the lunch time.
It also stands out the great variety of sausages and sausages.

Tourist places: The king's castles Ludwig in Bavaria, the Black Forest, the cathedral of Colony, the river Rhine and the monasteries of some towns.
You can choose to travel to one of the 67 natural parks, or the 10 national parks that are a excelent sanctuary for the flora and the fauna.

Recommended places

The best places for a tour in Germany

Germany´s satelital map

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