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Information about all Australia


A tour for the best Hotels, Tourist Places and places of rest of Australia.

Tourist information of the "distant Australia"

Capital: Canberra

Currency: Australian dollar

Geography: Australia is the sixth bigger country of the world (it has 7.741 220 km2 of surface), and it is the only one that occupies the island-continent of the same name. It also includes the island of "Tasmania", located to the South, and other smaller islands.

Climate: The climate in this country is very varied, but in general it is warmer than in Europe and North America. Basically, Australia possesses two climate types: the tropical rainy (in the north area) and the one tempered (to the south of the country), if you give a tour for this country, is necesary to advice to take all type of garments.

Curious notice: In Australia a group of people has invented a repellent for mosquitos… that also repels the adolescents! To drive away them, this "repellent" produces a sound that is very annoying for the youths, but that it is not perceived by people of more than 25 years.

Language: The official language of the Australians is English, but there are also other 100 languages and more than 200 indigenous languages.

Festivals: January 26, Day of Australia (national celebration) and the "Anzac" Day (The day in that the people honored the veteran of the war).

Cities to travel: Albano, Brisbane, Canberra, Carnarvon, Sydney, Geraldton, Hervey Bay.

Eatting time: The mediterranean salad (tomatoes, cheese and oregano) is the typical companion in the dinner, in your tour doesn't stop to eat the "Australian Meat - Cake", it is the national plate and it is accompanied by dark sauce or "gravy"; and since half of Australia it is tropical or subtropical, are plentiful the mangos, pineapples, guavas, bananas, papayas, kiwis, melons, peaches, etc.

Tourist places: "National park Kakadu", the famous one "East Alligator River", Deserted Tanami, The city of "Alice Springs", rocks like those "Chambers Pillars", "Uluru" or "Ayers Rock" (this is considered the longest separate rock in the face of the Earth).

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