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Canberra, Capital of Australia


Canberra, the capital  


A recent study about the perception of the Australians about their capital, Canberra, affirmed that interviewed people mentioned political matters and the Parliament. However, the study tried to demonstrate that the perception of the city changed after making a tour for it.  

Canberra can show so much of places of cultural interest and natural spaces of extraordinary beauty. Among them, you can stand out the views from the mount Ainsley  
- The Captain Cook Memorial Jet  
- The lake Burley Griffin  
- The "Australian War Memorial"  

The name of "Canberra" derives of the aboriginal word "kanberra" that means "encounter place". At the moment, the city has aproximately 300.000 inhabitants, Canberra is a modern city, with a urban planification from 1912, when was organized an international competition for the design of the Australian capital, the winnner of the competition was "Walter Burley Griffin", an American architect. In 1901 the people look the necessity of a state capital and it was wanted to build one in the best possible way. 
In 1908, the area was chosen in that settles Canberra like the future capital and in 1913 was named officially "Canberra" to the city. Some of the most important buildings in Canberra are the "Parliament House" and the "Old Parlament House", they are enclosures that welcome the government of the country. The entrance is free in the first house but it is not free in the second house. They also stand out the gardens of the" Old Parliament House"  


Places to give a tour  

If you want a good trip for Canberra, it will be easy, because the entertainment options are very wide: Sport activities, visits of cultural interest, cinema, theater, shopping areas, tours and natural áreas, compose a very interesting offer. 
It is recommended to begin the visit in the " National Capital Exhibition", where you will be able to be witness, for exhibitions and other elements, of the history of Australia. The "Australian War Memorial" is another recommended stop if you want to see the homage to the deads in combat. 
If what you want is to make a cultural route, you can visit some of the museums and collections of the city of Canberra. The "National Gallery" of Australia has in their permanent collection more than 100.000 aboriginal, Australian, Asian, international works, and ornamental arts and photographs. Among the international Works, are very importante the Pollock and Rubens ones.
On the other side, the "National Museum" of Australia, was rewarded in the 2005 as one of the best national attractions and possesses one of the most extensive artistic collections in the country, among their curious acquisitions, is the crown that was given Miss Australia for 30 years.  

The collection of the "National Portrait Gallery" began in 1998 and it is exhibited in the Old Parliament House and in the Commonwealth Place. If what you want is to pass a while among the books, then you should go to the "National Library of Australia" and to walk along their 220 kilometers of bookcases. But what the visitor cannot get lost (for the prehistory lovers) is the "National Dinosaur Museum" that possesses remains of Tiranosaurus Rex that can also be touched. Besides dinosaurs, the Museum exhibits remains of mammals, plants, fish, homínides, amphibians and spineless among other and exist a special tour for schools.  
The "zoological and national aquarium" can be a very funny experience, because the visitors have the possibility to feed the animals thanks to Zooventure. Another center that is worthwhile to visit is the "CSIRO Discovery", it is a place where they meet the science and the nature in form of presentations and very didactic exhibitions: the natural history of Australia, their insects, their climate, the medical advances, the new technologies... All they appear in some of the 19 differentiated spaces that they are exhibited in the center.  
The biggest attraction in Canberra is maybe the quantity of open spaces and very related with the nature, where people can go and to pass a calm while.  
To begin, the "National Botanical Gardens" gather the biggest Australian flora collection of the world. Inside them we will be able to find exemplary of vegetation of all the climatic areas of the country. Their Series of Summer concerts is one of the most important events in the city of Canberra. Another of the outstanding attractions is Cockington Green Gardens, where are miniatures of buildings of United Kingdom and of all Europe that conform authentic populations.  

If you want to appreciate a panoramic vision of the whole place, then you should make a forced stop to the "Telstra Tower" From this construction of 195 meters are enjoyed some spectacular views of the city and surroundings. Also, in the tower can visit another exhibitions and it also exists a restaurant, a cafeteria and a store of souvenirs purchase.  
The " Australian Sport Institute " is perfect for the lovers of the sport and the extreme activities, it is a center of high yield for sportsmen that can visit by the tourist. In this place, you can take residential stays or simple, swimming in the pool or to go by the store, where you can be bought all type of sport articles.  
For space lovers, the "Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex" offers free visits. In this place, the visitors will be able to learn more about the place of Australia in the "space conquers " and take, according to the page center web, "the best coffee in the galaxy."  

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