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a woman's story about her travel to the patagonia


Stories on the Southern Patagonia

Author: Estela Saez, Madrid-Spain (42 years)  

What gets the attention to visit Ushuaia? I think that is the sensation of being in the most distant point, motivates us to travel so many kilometers toward the south. Among the improvised sentences there was one written in a napkin of a bar that said: "Enjoy, you are in the end of the world."  
When we were to land in the Ushuaia airport, we already saw the dark colored mountains of white snow. The journey in taxi until the center was charming. Although the taxi driver didn't stop of speaking, I didn't want to get lost  the beautiful show among mountains. The city is very normal, their constructions are disordered a little, as if there wasn't an outline. The "San Martin" street full with young people on Sunday in the afternoon and also full with cars that always travel the same road.

The unlosable trips for me was the "National Park" and the " Lapataia Bay" that I could see from a high place. We arrive there in a little train. While we traveled very slowly (about 20 km/h) we listened their sad history, when it was used by the prisoners that left to talar and at the same time breathe some freedom in that cold forest. The "Lake Rock" is impressive, their waters are so clear that it seems like a mirror.  

Another advisable trip is arrive until the "Harberton Stay" (traveling for the Channel Beagle), sighting the "island of the birds", the "Them Ecleaurs" Lighthouse. The Return for the channel had many currents, so, we returned in bus, contemplating the forest. That day it rained, snowed, hailed and it was also sunny...  

In the city of "Ushuaia" it is advisable to go to the " prison museum" (old prison that gave origin to the city, where the most dangerous prisoners were located).  
We leave Ushuaia to go to "Calafate" to see it glaciers. It is a village with European atmosphere, full with hotels and restaurants. It is in the middle of nothing, but it is the door for the visit of the big blocks of ice.  

The first day we made a trip to know the glaciers "Spegazzini", "Upsala". It was impressive the quantity of people in the catamarans. First we went finding loose blocks of ice in the middle of the lake, with a very attractive clear blue color.  
The next day we went to make "trekking" on the glacier "Perito Moreno" It is the most complete form of knowing it. In this place, a guy explained us the process of glacier's formation, then we put the "grampones" (special shoes to avoid to slide in the snow) and we walk hill up.

We enter in a blue cave where we take out funny and incredibles pictures and we ate in the refuge, in front of the glacier, with an incomparable view. Sometimos fell a big piece of ice on the water, producing very noise.  
Then we saw the glacier from the gangplanks like an endless white surface of ice blued with permanent cracks. 

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