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Tour for all the Patagonia


Basic Guide for a tour for the Patagonia

1. In what time is better to go?: Is possible to go in any time of the year, but do you remember that this place wouldn't be good if you don't support tolerate the cold (in winter, the place reach the -2°C), but if you want to travel you can make in the short summers that there is in this region, with temperatures up to 35°C. Sometimos, The cruises are suspended for the unfavorable climatic conditions.

2. How to arrive?: you can take an airplane until "Santiago de Chile", from there, are daily flights to the airports of the Patagonia, that are located in the cities of: Port Montt, Balmaceda and Punta Arenas. The Chilean airports charge a shipment tax, it generally goes included in the air passage.

3. What do you owe to take?: The climate can change suddenly, from sun to sprinkles or even snow, for this is advisable to get ready to face a wide range of temperatures.

4. Which are the recommended cruises?:

* To San Rafael, the Cruise "Skorpios" and "Patagonia Conecction."

* To the "Native Port" area, Cruise "Skorpios"

* To the Beagle Channel, "Cruises Mare Australis"

* To the Antartic Peninsula, "Antarthic Shipping CORP."

Traveled for the "End of the world"

With a surface of 757.000 km2 that embraces five counties: "Black River", "Neuquén", "Chubut", "Santa Cruz" and "Tierra del Fuego", the Argentinean Patagonia is characterized for its contrasts and its exotic nature.

Before anything is necessary to affirm that the Patagonia offers two completely different aspects: the "Andes Mountain range" at dusk and the plateaus to the dawn, or as people usually call, the "Andean Patagonia" and the "Atlantic Patagonia".

Although the Patagonia marks the south limit of the American continent and is also called "end of the world", these lands have become a enough requested destination by famous characters, for business and shows.

An advisable tour is where you can navigate for the southern channels in comfortable Catamarans, there are trips of a complete day and cruises that allow the sailing for few days, it is a pleasant experience.

Arriving to earth

This is the southern portion of the Suramérica temperate area, shared by Chile and Argentina, it is a territory that harbors the singularest geographical beauties.
It was discovered in for "Fernando of Magellan", and for the fantasies that were created around it, this place received several names:

- Terra Gigantum
- Incognito Terra
- Patagonian Country

People imagined at some time, that this earth was populated by giants and fabulous and mythical animals.

More than 10 years later, in the period of the Spanish conquest, it was born the legend of the " Césares City", a fantastic, built and paved city of solid gold, surrounded of perfect lands for the livestock and the agriculture. In 1895 the discovery of a very well conserved skin of an unknown animal, woke up again the European imagination and began to thinking that they could find animal prehistoric even alive.

One of the best anecdotes on this was the expedition carried out by a famous English newspaper, little time after the discovery of this skin, that allowed 2 characters of the British Museum to arrive to the area in search of alive copies, today it is known with the name of "Milodón" (A gentle herbivore that extinguished more than 10.000 years ago).

People took centuries forgetting all those mythical histories on this region, through successive Dutch, French, Spanish and English expeditions (many of these expeditions were of scientific character). The form in that the Patagonia acquired its fame left a historical mark, making that it is still considered an interesting and captivating place.

A trip to the Patagonia offers the encounter with a varied and historical nature and with landscapes of remarkable beauty, you can observed areas with abundant vegetation and impenetrable forests, also you will surely find steppes of short grasses where it will be astonished by the width of the areas.

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