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Tour for all the Patagonia (3)


More about The Patagonia, place of exotic landscapes

The sailing
In the Patagonia have been different groups of hunters like: " Anoikenk" and "Selk' nam", they are nomadic hunters that lived of the capture of gumps and ñandúes, besides the trade of skins and feathers.
Those also appear "Yamanas" and "Kaweshkar", they were nomadic that hunted marine wolves and seals, besides some fish and shellfish.

The refuge of the Paine
The National Park "Torres del Paine" is one of the favorite destinations, it is an area of more than 1.200 hectares with the government's protection to be able to conserve the flora and fauna, because of that, it was declared World Biosphere Reservation in 1978.

You can go for walks for the whole area, but it is necessary to request the service from the hotels or a kind of package that includes transport, feeding and lodging.

Toward the Antarctica

The limit is "Punta Arenas", this coastal city is one of the most southern of the world, it is to the feet of the Andes mountain range, in front of the "Estrecho de Magallanes" (it is a portion of the Pacific where those people that cannot cross the channel of Panama navigate).

Punta Arenas has a developed commercial activity, diverse services and a varied hotel offer, in this place it is possible to delight with several plates elaborated with lamb and spider crab (similar to the lobster).

There is also an interesting historical center whose main topic is the colonization times and some people recommend the tourist services that allow the visit to some habitats of penguins, as well as the realization of the most comfortable cruises for the glaciers of the " Beagle channel ", the "Cabo de Hornos", the islands "Shetland" of the South and the Antarctica Peninsula.

Cabo de Hornos

South extreme point of South America, divides the waters among the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, called this way by the Dutch navigator "Schouten" in 1616 in memory of the Dutch city of Horn.

Cabo de Hornos is where the Pacific and the Atlantic create only one sea, where the word distances it is manifested in its maximum expression. It was discovered by the Dutch "Shouten" and "Le Maire" in 1616, when they looked for a new access route to the Ocean Pacific.

You will also be able to visit a sculpture that represents a flying seabird, which was built in honor to the men of sea of all the nations that have lost their life fighting against the inclemencies of this route.

"Cabo de Hornos" Importance.

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