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Tour for all the Patagonia (2)


More information of Patagonia

The central Patagonia gathers lakes and Turquoise color lagoons, mighty and crystalline rivers, green forests in spring and summer that then become an entire orange forest in autumn. You will also be able to observe mountains full of trees and a glacier in their summit, where arise beautiful and big cascades.

In the more northern región you can observe the dissipation of the American continent, the earth fragments in thousands of islands until ends up diving in the sea.

But the protagonism has it the waters that surround, this waters adopt a form of infinite channels, creating beautiful archipelagos, in a mittle of a great silence and you will also be able to appreciate the step of glaciers and floes.

In the distance

Although it is far from the big cities, the Chilean Patagonia is a destination to enjoy with the biggest comforts, the hotel offer is varied and have very high level, also it have places that offer an atmosphere of rustic and elegant style (the decoration Prevails with native wood). Is posible the sailing in different circuits using catamarans that offer tour for a complete day, but there are also others with lodging possibility in its interior (Most of the hotel services include feeding and transport).

San Rafael

This is the name of a lagoon and a glacier in the Patagonia, they are destinations very requested in the central area, this voyage can be made in a cruise for 7 days with all services included, and that allow to observe the whole territory and some picturesque villages from the interior channels.

These cruises begin in the city of Port Montt, and it includes a detention in the "Fiord of Quitralco" to enjoy thermal bathrooms in relaxing waters. Another option is combine the grandiose view to the lagoon and the glacier with a stop in earth to enjoy the "Queulat National Park " and its "Ventisquero colgante", the village of fishermen of Port Puyuhuapi.

Exist tourist programs that also include walks, observation of exotic fauna as birds and marine wolves, guided trips of sport fishing and safaris, besides picture shops.
These cruises with all included, begin in "Port Chacabuco", in the vicinities of the city of Coyhaique and the airport.

"Native port" (Puerto Natales)

This is the capital of the county of "La Ultima Esperanza", it is a captivating place that is in the banks of the "Señoret" channel, it is surrounded of hills and mountainous chains, offering an unusual landscape of hills all covered with snow, limiting with the Pacific waters.

At the present time, the city possesses an attractive commercial sector with regional crafts and memories of the Patagonia.
This place has restaurants, tourist agencies and it presents a varied selection of hotels, many of them are near of tourist places as the "National Park Torres of Paine."

Other places in the Patagonia and "Cabo de Hornos"

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