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Gastronomy of Argentina


The varied Argentinean Gastronomy  

The bovine meat is for excellence, the alimentary base of the Argentineans. The roasted one (the parilla) is the most typical form of preparation, and it constitutes a true ritual when the family and friends meet the weekends. Besides the bifes, the people usually eat sausage, kidneys, gizzard and "chinchulines": the famous mixed parillada. As accompaniment, bread and salad. Daily, they choose " Milanese Meat" for its easy preparation.  

The Italian cuisine and their traditional pastas are also stand out. The variety is big and the most popular are the noodles, "ñoquis" and the delicious padded pastas as "sorrentinos", cannelonis and lasañas. Without forgetting the typical pizza, that also has a great variety of flavors.  

The typical cuisine in Argentina (Creole Cuisine) is represented in the "Empanadas" that can be stuffed with meat, chicken, ham and cheese, etc. Another of the most typical plates is the "matambre", kind of a meat filler with peppers, eggs and vegetables, it can be served cold or hot. The regional kitchen also have varieties like the "locro" (corn and pig meat) and the "carbonada" (soaked of meat, vegetables and rice).  

When the people want to drink, the wines appear like a really popular drink. For that reason, they can be from economic versions in "Tetra Brick" until those that consecrate the country like one of the best vitivinícolas producers in the world.  

However, the "Mate" (make with a green grass that drink as infusion) is the most typical drink. To prepare it, you should be filled 2/3 of the recipient with herb, put the cylinder (bulb) and then to spill hot water until the border forming a covering of foam. you can drink it with or without sugar.  

A characteristic drink of the country is the "clericó", is a class of fruits salad in a jar, with a lot of wine and soda. It is ideal to share with your friends.  


As dessert, the favorite is the ice cream. Big part of the ice cream-stores maintains a handmade preparation, like the Italian, that which grants him a distinctive flavor.  

The "alfajor"  is a traditional and very popular candy in Argentina that consists on two round disks of mass, with a similar form of a "Yo-Yo", they are generally padded with sweet of milk and wrapped by black or white chocolate. The most famous are those produced in the city of "Mar del Plata."  

The breakfast or typical snack of the Argentineans are the calls "Facturas", generic name, used to designate the "croissants" ("Medias Lunas") and a variety of sweet rolls, some are padded of sweet of milk or of marmalade.

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