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Argentinean Coasts


Argentina coasts: Data for the trip

1. "Mar de Plata" and "Pinamar": They are the two more famous "Baths" of the long Altlántic Coast, but exist others that also are worthwhile to mention:

- Santa Clara del Mar

- Green Waters

- Miramar

- San Bernardo

- The Toninas

- Valeria del Mar

- Caliro

- Villa Gesell

2. The Baths Chain:
It begins to 308 Km. of Buenos Aires, in "San Clemente of Tuyú." It is recommended to rent 4x4 vehicles or cuatriciclos to be able to enjoy some fabulous trips for the dunes of fine and soft sand.

3. the most celebrated, elegant and traditional is The "Mar de Plata", more than 4 million visitors go every year looking for sun, sand, waves, casinos and fresh shellfish of the port. There is also culture, theater, music, shows, conventions and the famous "International Cinema Festival" (The Argentinean version of the "Cannes Festival")

4. For children and adults: The aquarium of "Mar de Plata" is one of the best of the country. It offers a big variety of marine attractions and dolphins and seals shows, there are also penguins, turtles, flamingos, many species of fish and a cinema that offers 3D movies.

5. Tourist attraction for separate:
"Mar de Plata" is an important place of finances and investments, the 650.000 inhabitants confirm that, also the sky-scrapers, the port and airport, the university centers, the production of Vegetables and Fruits, and the manufacturer industry. You shouldn't get lost a tour to the Museums: "Guillermo Vilas" and the "Museum of Natural Sciences", besides the monuments to the marine Wolves, the deads for Italy and the "Gaucho". It is also recommended to visit some of these places: The Colon squares, San Martin and Bartolomé; and the "Saints Cathedral."

6. For those people that are looking for funny with sports: "Mar de Plata" is enriched with a great variety of sport events in all the levels: The soccer tournaments, basketball, pole, horses, rugby and athletics, as well as the world competition of swimming in open waters, tennis, golf, cycling, squash and skating.

7. The temperature:
This climate possesses a great marine influence. The average temperature per year is 14°C, the coldest month is Julio (8°C approximately) and the warmest month is January with approximately 20°C.

8. Traveling from the Capital: It is at 5 and a half hours for earth and to 40 minutes for air.

9. Shinning beaches: There are for all kind of people, along 39,2 Km. Most of them have a calm waters, ideals for the sailing.

10. National capital of the Sweater: The " Juan B Avenue" has been made call the "walk of the sweater", their numerous local demonstrate the enormous industry textile local…Ideal if you want to go shopping.

Interval Magazine
Year: 2000
Author: José Miguel Armendariz
Title: 20 things that he/she needs to know on the Costa of Argentina

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