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Argentinean Coasts (2)


More information on the Argentina Coast

11. Eating Time: The restaurants travel the most refined menu of likes and specialties. The typical plates, as the Argentinean barbecues and the international plates, supplement the day and the night in this place.

12. The Argentinean "Biarritz": This is another name for the "Mar de Plata", In the "Bristol" Hotel, the planes were traced that converted the spa (bath) in one of the Argentinean prides.

13. "Pinamar" is still "Young":
Although it is a recent spa, is very "IN", is located at 3 and a half hours of Buenos Aires.

14. The combination of sea, dunes and the green of the forests: Besides the blue sky, the splendid sun, the nights and the stars… these and many other characteristics make part of the songs of the inhabitants.

15. The tourism guides recommend over the rest of the things:

- Elegant and tree-lined spa

- Spectacular golf court

- Casino

- Horsy Center

- Nautical school

- Fishing jetty

16. Millions of trees, in thousands of hectares: This is the legacy that the founder left (Jorge Bunge) who ordered that pines, eucalyptuses and acacias were planted.

17. The sea pine:
The Code of Urban Planning has adopted its forecasts to assure the survival of the natural style and prevent that the wonderful landscapes is buried by the cement and buildings

18. In Pinamar there isn't only nature: There you can be let carps, bicycles, parasols, automobiles, 4x4 and cuatriciclos. Alos, The tourist companies multiply their offers, for the sportsmen, or perhaps for a calm night…

19. Other places: Montecarlo, Mar de Ostende, Valeria del Mar and Caliro are in front of the Atlantic: The parks and Gardens, with their different tones of green, are the first that awake the senses. "The charmed forest" of Caliro, harbors to more of 3 million trees.

20. An outstanding destination: Villa Gesell, is only 100 Km. of "Mar de Plata", with forests, hills and many beaches of lukewarm waters.

It is worthwhile to give a tour for the Amphitheater (common choirs encounters), the Handmade Fair (ceramic, metals and wood) and the Aquarius with their marine species.

Interval Magazine
Year: 2000
Author: José Miguel Armendariz
Title: 20 things that you need to know about the Argentina Coasts

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