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Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Bearded, Caribbean splendor

Basic data

1. Climate: There is sun during the whole year, with Trade winds that make that the climate of this place is always very pleasant. In the hours of the day, the temperature varies between 24°C and 30° C, but in the freshest nights the temperature can lower until the 20° C. In October, November and December the climate is rainy.

2. Currency: The dollar of the Oriental Caribbean (EC $), although in most of the places dollars of USA are accepted

3. The Tips: Some restaurants and hotels add a position automatically for service of 10%.

4. Automobile: It is recommended to travel or to rent an automobile for the exploration of the island. In Antigua he/she behaves for the left side of the street.

5. Curious notice: This place has but of 365 beaches

6. Health: you don't need any vaccine neither medical certificate to enter to Bearded, unless you will travel to infected areas. For medical or police emergencies, the most advisable thing is to request help in the receptions of the hotels.

Information of the place

This nation is composed by two islands: Antigua and Bearded, although in fact they are three, if we counted the island of Round (it has 4 square kilometers)…this place is located in the center of the chain of islands of Leeward, approximately to 483 kilometers to the southeast of Puerto Rico.
When Christopher Columbus sighted the island of Antigua in 1493, he baptized her as "Santa María The Antigua", in honor to the cathedral of Seville. The initial intents of colonizing the island, first for Spanish ones and later for French colonists, they were not successful. The British colonists, coming from San Cristóbal's island, were who took possession of Antigua, which conserved their status of British colony until their independence in 1981.

Their strategic location, in the heart of the main marine routes among Europe, granted it the title of the "Door of Entrance to the Caribbean". Between 1650 and 1834, in the prosperous island were more than 150 plantations of sugar cane and dozens of strengths. Antigua was very important in the naval battles of England in the smallest Antilles, at the beginning of the XVIII century, and it won even more relevance when the celebrated British naval hero, the Admiral Horacio Nelson, took control of the island in 1784.

Today, the admiral's legacy lives in Nelsons Navy's Park National (Nelson's Dockyard) in the English Port, located in the south coast of Antigua. This place embraces 39 square kilometers and it is the biggest tourist attraction in the island, besides being the only sample of a Georgian general barracks that is conserved in the world, each building has a badge that describes the function that carried out in Nelson's times.

Most of the constructions of the navy and several houses of the XVIII century built in the hillside of the mountain, they have been totally restored and they offer space for the creation of museums, as the "Center of Interpretation of Dow's Hill", where the tourists can enjoy a show of lights and sounds to illustrate the history of Antigua until their independence.
From the platform of observation of the museum the best views in the park can be appreciated, and you cannot forget to visit the house that in time ago was the Naval Official's home. The construction was built in 1855 and now it harbors the "Museum of the Navy", where the Admiral Nelson's bed is exhibited and is counted the history of the area of the port, from its beginnings until it was named national park. Also should be good that you will visit the bar-restaurant "The Admires Inn", the stores with a boutique style and the market of crafts.

A trip to the English Port wouldn't be complete if you don't ascend until the summit of "Shirley Heighs" to contemplate the beautiful views, sometimes you can see the neighboring island of Guadalupe and toward the west it is possible to distinguish the volcano "Soufriére Hills", located in the island of Montserrat. Also, in this place the people celebrate the most lively party in Antigua every Sunday afternoon, with calypso, drums, punch of rum and barbecue.

Although the English Port is an ideal place to relax yourself in the afternoons, every month of April, as much the port as the Navy Nelson, becomes the social center of the Caribbean, with the celebration of the yacht "Sailing Week", the fifth more important yacht of the world. The event lasts five days and it attracts more than 1.500 participants, 200 yachts and about 5.000 spectators.

The Capital St. John's

Most of the tourists will always have time to visit the capital at least once during their stay, the capital is characterized by its houses with attractive colors, in this place there are more than 100 stores of crafts, jewels, clothes, drinks... all tax-free ones.
In the north of the jetty, where the cruises arrive, is the commercial district "Redcliffe Quay", where old warehouses and buildings were renovated to be replaced for boutiques and restaurants where it is served from Caribbean food until Lebanese plates.

In the other área, known as "Heritage Quay", there are bars, restaurants and dozens of tax-free stores where articles of good marks can be bought.
If you want a tour more typical, then go to the Public Market in "Market Street", there you will find delights like the "pepperpot", it is a prepared stew with pumpkin, spinach and other vegetables, it is typical of the kitchen of Antigua… besides places of guavas, pineapples, bananas and fruits that wake up the appetite.

The market is also a good place to buy crafts, besides the excellent rum Cavalier, manufactured in the island.
Already in the capital, you don't forget to visit the national monument of the island: the "Catedral de San Juan el Divino", with their silver domes, the church dominates the profile of the city and it serves as excellent reference point in case you get lost. Exists rumors that the figures fused in lead (with real size) of San Juan the Baptist and San Juan the Divine one, they come from a French ship that went heading for the island of Martinique in 1756, during the "the Seven years old war".
Another of the attractions of St. John's is the Museum of Antigua and Bearded that occupies the building that before was the Justice Palace from 1750, here history is counted and African-American-Caribbean ceramic pieces and before Columbus devices are exhibited.

Interval Latin America magazine
Year: January of 2006
Author: Michael Defreitas
Title: Antigua, the entrance door to the Caribbean-Bearded, non Barbados

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