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Travel: Advice on tropical places


Advices when traveling to a tropical place

  • Use slight and waterproof bags for your trip packages. Try to take slight clothes but of good quality, for example: made of nylon. This is important especially in tropical climates. Also, it is more convenient because they dry off quicker.

  • Take your hair´s gel in a small bag of plastic, to save space and not to have to take you the whole package.
  • For your trip packages, if you cannot live without using your favorite perfume and you don't have it in any miniature form, you can spray it on the clothes and towels or any other clothes that you want to use during the trip for not having to take the whole bottle.

  • If you want to wash your clothes by hand because you don't want to take them to a laundry, you can wash your clothes in the bathroom of your room in the hotel. If it is necessary, you can use two or three bags of plastic as receptacle to wash the clothes, but you have to find a way to assure the bags..
  • For tropical climates, use relaxed shoes of casual style, and that are easy to maintain clean.
  • For your trip packages, prepare a fist aid kit that contains the following things:
- Salt of scent
- Antiseptic creme
- Gel of the vera with aloe (for burnt, and cut)
- Plasters
- Bandages
- A pair of scissors
- Pills of Paracetamol (for the fever and pains)
- Any other required medication
  • For your trip packages, take photocopies of your passport, visa, airplane ticket, medic insurance, credit cards and keep them in a bag of plastic. Leave copies of all this at home.
  • Trow all the perishable foods that you have in the refrigerator.
  • Disconnect all your electronic devices.
  • Mosquitos are attracted by dark colors so use clothes of light color.
  • Apply in your body a lotion layer in all the exposed areas before sleeping, so that you dont get bite by mosquitos.
  • Drink water to prevent the dehydration when traveling in the airplane for many hours.
  • Try to exercise when you travel by plane for many hours. You should maintain good circulation in the extremities of the body, as the arms and the legs.

  • The camomile tea can help to sleep.
  • In the eve of the trip try to rest and to sleep enough. This way you avoid the drowsiness and the fatigue.
  • Avoid the plentiful foods since causes heavy digestions.

  • Avoid any alcoholic drink. The alcohol lowers the reflections.

  • Avoid the continuous conduction during many hours. Every two hours it is convenient to stop and to stretch the legs. Before any symptom of fatigue it is necessary to stop the car and take a short nap.

  • The drivers and users of motorcycles and autocycles should take protective helmets to circulate in any urban or interurban track.

  • It is not allowed to drive with connected headphones or music systems.

  • Take comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.

  • Deposit the personal objects and those that you can need by hand during the work.

  • If you use graduated glasses, it is convenient to take others of reserve.

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