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Travel: How to handle the fear to fly


Fear to fly: Phobia to Planes.

If you have many desires to travel, you have all the documents, your suitcases ready and your perfect plans, but the single fact of thinking that you will ascend to an airplane causes to yourself the principles of a panic attack… dont worry, because you are one of the thousands that suffer of this fear, and you fortunately can overcome to this and achieve to fly.

This is a serious problem, estadistics estudies affirm that one of each three people suffers of this fear. The the more common causes can be: The fear to smash, control lack, turbulence and claustrophobia (fear to the contained places). Many doctors try to tranquilize and to convince their patients that it is more dangerous to travel by land, but even when people know that his insecurity is irrational, they cannot avoid it.

Some anxieties are more easy to treat that others. Many therapists affirm that one of the more difficult to treat is the claustrophobia, because it is impossible to avoid to be locked in an airplane. However, a lot of people have been able to be heal of this, and the key is staying relaxed. Especialists have created a theraphy: this consists on making the patients laugh, so when they are in a real situation, they can see in it his funny side as soon as they relax themselves more easily.

A more advanced technique consists on travel on a flight simulator, entering in a false booth, followed by a session with an airplane´s captain that explains the technical side of flying and that includes simple demonstrations of a turbulence, a flaw in the motor or lightnings, so that people know that this won't make the airplane fall, thanks to the efficiency of the controllers and the computers.

One of many people that has been treated is called Mike Brooks, who tells what he felt before the therapy: He said that he felt terrible, first, he thought that he was having a heart attack because he sweated a lot and his heart palpitated very quick, but then the doctor explains to him that it was only panic. His anxieties caused a great impact in their professional and personal life.

The first step for all people with this problem is to admit that you are afraid to fly, then you should go searching for help. The best thing that you can make when you are in the seat of the airplane is to take deep sighs, and if you want, you can also close your eyes. Also, you can pay attention to all the normal noises that makes the airplane so that then you doesn't get scared and think that it has a flaw.

Those that suffer of this fear should not consume alcoholic drinks neither to ingest pills to calm the tension, because these elements are good to cover the problem, but they don't solve it. Another thing that can be very useful is to inform with prior to the airline that you are afraid to fly, because this way the personnel will be aware and you can be helped if it is necessary, or they can also offer you a seat more convenient for your situation.

The important thing is that you can relax yourself, because there are many airlines that offer a service of high quality and are totally safe, with a personnel prepared to collaborate. The other option is simply sit down and converse with your seat partner for a trip more interesting and calm.

Useful Tips

- You should arrive early to the airport and give you enough time to park, to consign your baggage and to take a cup of tea (the coffee is not recommended, because it is a stimulant).

- Ask for a seat near the front part of the airplane where you feel less noise and movement.

- Have a magazine or a book by hand to amuse yourself, you can even write a letter.

- Dress comfortable clothes, so you dont feel suffocated.

- Another good option is to listen music or to watch a movie.

- Breathe slowly, dont be rigid in your seat, because the tension will be increased.

- After the plane lands identify the sounds.

- You should converse and make jokes.

- Read a book of self-help or listen a relaxation casset before the flight.

- You can go previously to relaxation sessions.

- If it facilitates the things, maintain your eyes open and look toward the window if you suffer of claustrophobia.

- Move the fingers of your feet and when the airplane speed up, increase the movement.

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Year: 2000
Title: To fly without fear

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