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Travel: Advices when you rent a car


How to rent an automobile for my tour

1. The biggest atractiveness of an automobile trip resides in the great movement that allows to the traveler, the first step to enter to the driver's world it is to obtain the license or international pass. To rent a car it is obligatory to have license with a superior validity to the 6 months and card of international credit.

2. In North America you can find the economic paradise of the rent cars. The lower rates are in the Florida and California, in New York they are expensive and arbitrary.

It is advisable (if it is possible) to reserve from your origin country and then to travel with the pre-pay order because better rates are obtained this way. But be aware with the insurances, because they sometimes take many policies and it can be expensive.

3. The green letter is an obligatory insurance in Europe and in North of África sent by the renting companies , but it doesn't cover Morocco.

4. As a curious fact, in Argentina is an obligation to carry in the car white savannas to cover the cadavers in case of accidents.

5. In United States and Europe you should revise the rates of gasoline in the providing machines, because there is freedom of prices. Try to fill the tank in the morning to avoid that the vapors generated by the heat fill the tank so it didn´t become reduced of capacity. Remember that in Europe you pay on Liters.

6. In Europe, to violate a traffic light in red is a crime that is usually sanctioned with detention and 500 dollars of ticket. In Switzerland the traffic lights are provided with photographic cameras that are activated by sensors, so if you pass a light in red, you will be located for the id number of the vehicle´s number plate.

To run over a pedestrian is assimilated with homicide intent and if you try to offer money to the authorities, your situation will be aggravated.

7.Check the car rented when you receive it, so that the rent company don't charge you damages caused by the previous user, demand local maps and calmly revise the contract where the letter is more small, remember that now you are "owner" of the car and you should know the conditions and rules for having it.

8. In all civilized world it is obligatory the belt of security

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