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Travel advices when in land traveling


The Baggage

* The backpack should be light, and it is not a recommendation; it is an order. You must have a compartment to extract with easiness the sleeping bag or the mat, and auxiliary pockets for the change clothes and another part with your hygienic utensils. If go to climb, the boots can go hanging on the lateral pockets of the backpack.

* Take the indispensable things: a pair of shoes, clothes of cleanliness, T-shirt and jacket, if you know that the place is in winter season, short pants of cloth. For the rain, a kangaroo or a raincoat, also a pocket umbrella.

* As the days pass, your backpack will weigh more (a lumbar and psychological issue), as if you take a load of stones in your back. It is very important to reduce the weight because at the end of the trip you will feel that you are loaded with stones and yourr back will remember that pain during months.

* If you go camping, the sleeping bag should be small (about 30 cm) to avoid that it takes space in the backpack. There also exist some very slight summer mini-sacks that take a few of space (your back will thank yourself for this).

* Remember that for travel to some countries is necessary to get some vaccinations, for that reason if you go to not developed areas you should go to the Service of External Sanity, where they will inform you of the vaccines demanded in that country. Traveling in Public transport:

* During the waits don't leave without surveillance the baggage, use records and box offices.

* Use appropriate clothes for the trip. The pockets with button are safer.

* In the masses take cautions with the handbag and accessible pockets that you have.

* Take the indispensable money.

* In the files for the purchase of tickets , put your baggage visible.

* Do not leave handbags in the seats when there are stops or visits to the WC.

* Close with key the suitcases and handbags.

* Take in separate places money and credit cards.

* As much as you have minor baggage and diferent packs it is easiest their control.

* Inform the watchmen or the members of the Forces of Security about the irregularities that you observe.

The First-aid kit

The first-aid kit is a basic tool in any vehicle because it suits to be prepared if some accident takes place. It should include:

- Cotton

- Sterile gauzes

- Bandages

- Antiseptic soap

- Sharp scissors

- Thermometer

- Analgesic

- Hydrogen peroxide

- Alcohol of 96 degrees

- Antiseptic solution as betadine

- Antiseptic creme

- Creme of hidrocortisona

- Bandages

- It can also be useful a Nebulizador (it controls the asphyxia and it relieve it)

* Money: If you travel in several countries, change all the currencies in a single time to pay only one comission.

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